Session II: Empowerment of Women in Business


Women empowerment

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Avakian, T. (1). Session II: Empowerment of Women in Business. Al-Raida Journal, 68-69.


I would first of all like to extend my thanks to Mrs. Donna Al-Turk, the Lebanese Consul, to Mrs. Adalat Nakash, the LAU Dubai Alumni Chapter President, and to Mr. Saad El-Zein, the Chapter's Vice President, for having organized this forum and invited me to it. As a Trustee of LAU, let me tell you that at almost every board meeting, the questions as well as problems and their possible solutions of our alumni and the various alumni chapters are often at the top of the agenda. Therefore, these types of forums and conferences organized by the various chapters are very much encouraged in order to raise awareness of the Lebanese American University (LAU). I wish you all the best in the continuation in your endeavors in this very important voluntary task. The alumni are vital for the endurance of our Alma Mater.


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