Blind Women and How they Proved their Success in Marriage


Blind women

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El-Helou, R. (1). Blind Women and How they Proved their Success in Marriage. Al-Raida Journal, 53-57.


Because of women’s role in building a good nation, and because of our conviction that a disabled woman plays a role in constructing an integrated society, and since the magazine Asda’ al-Mu’aqeen (Echoes of The Disabled) had a special section on the disabled woman in its previous issues, it has again raised the topic in a special column entitled “They.” This column offers a great opportunity to prove the disabled woman’s role as an important part of this society which sometimes tries to humiliate and discriminate against her, first because she is a woman, and second because she is disabled. Her dreams are many, and more so her aims, since she still struggles hard to achieve her full rights, especially because she is still searching for her identity in a society which exploits and sees in her nothing but her body.


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