The Society Should also be Politically Inclusive


Disabled people
inclusive society

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Ibrahim, D. N. (1). The Society Should also be Politically Inclusive. Al-Raida Journal, 68-69.


At a workshop organized by The Youth Association of the Blind (YAB) and The Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union (LPHU) from July 13-15, participants examined strategies for advocating an inclusive society for all in which all the citizens have all their rights, even their political ones.

Representatives from Yemen, Jordan and Egypt attended the workshop and worked with speakers from YAB, LPHU, The Lebanese Association for the Democracy of Election (LADE), and Al-Nahar Newspaper to discuss the Lebanese experience in the “Haqqi” or “My Right” campaign, a project organized by YAB and LPHU to make the issues of the disabled visible through the election.


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