Arab Women’s Movements: Late Subject of History


Women's movement

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Sayigh, R. (1). Arab Women’s Movements: Late Subject of History. Al-Raida Journal, 4-9.


Women’s movements in the Arab world seemed both a necessary and a difficult choice as topic for Al-Raida’s 100th issue. Necessary because it is surely one of Al-Raida’s chief raisons d’etre to discover and re-present women-based organizing throughout this vast area. Difficult because of the short time for collecting materials, unevenness of research and knowledge, disconnections between activists, organizations, and regions, and the rapid recent expansion of women’s NGOs that makes even listing them a major project. In spite of the number of women and gender study centers that exist in Arab countries, the data they have is still slight and hard to access.1 Many women’s organizations still don’t have electronic mail, especially in the poorer countries. Above all, there’s no single center whose function is to accumulate studies, collate, connect and disseminate them.


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