Abortion In Lebanon: Practice and Legality?



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Afamia, K., Hassan, A., Khatoum, M., & Maya, E. S. (1). Abortion In Lebanon: Practice and Legality?. Al-Raida Journal, 55-58. https://doi.org/10.32380/alrj.v0i0.461


Induced abortion refers to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (CDC, 2001). The debate whether it should be legal or not has become a political issue all over the world, particularly that social changes resulted in a continuous modification of legislation and social attitudes concerning abortion. However, in Lebanon, though a major public health concern, this issue does not seem to be of interest to the public or to policy makers. The Lebanese law declared abortion illegal decades ago. The virtual absence of attempts to amend this law ever since, as well as the absence of research concerning its effect on the community, reflects that abortion does not seem to be a public issue of concern. In theory, this law addresses the needs of the Lebanese community and everybody appears to be abiding by it. However, the real picture seems far from this.



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