Caring Institutions in Lebanon


Older people
Caring institutions

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American University, L. (1). Caring Institutions in Lebanon. Al-Raida Journal, 35-38.


I hope to retain my independence for as long as possible. This may mean that I have to paym for help, but I do not expect itfrom you or your partners ... If I reach a point when I cannot live independently I do not expect any of you 10 provide me with a home. I hope and plan to make arrangements with some of my friends to live together in some sort of sheltered accommodation but, failing that, I will have to find the most acceptable place I can and if it uses all my savings - well, they are my savings. If, by then, I am unable to make decision.l' for myself; you may
have to jointly find the best place for me but none of you should feel guilty about not laking the burden. I do nOI want you to do so - whatever I might be saying at the time. (Growing Old Disgracefully, p.179)


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