Image of Women in Children's Textbooks


Image of women
Children's Textbook

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Nasr, J. A., & Batrouni, Z. D. (1). Image of Women in Children’s Textbooks. Al-Raida Journal, 20-22.


Interest in the concepts of masculinity and femininity, which was an outgrowth of the women's movement, has focused on sex role stereotypes and the potential adverse effect they have on personality development. It is well documented that sex role definitions of a society are learned through the process of socialization. According to the social learning theory, sextyped behavior is mostly acquired through observational learning' or 'identification'. Mischel (1970: 29) reports that "observational learning behavior may result from watching what others (models) do, or from attending to symbols such as words and pictures." Mischel goes on to say: "Undoubtedly, T.v., movies, books, stories and other symbolic media play an important part in transmission of information about stereotyped behavior ... " (1970: 45). Based on the assumption that books are influential in introducing models to children, it becomes necessary to familiarize ourselves with the type of models that are being advocated in their story books through the symbols of words and illustrations.


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